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Reducing consumption. We can hardly bear to think about consumption, let alone talk about it, not in the mainstream. But it is the consumer that ultimately drives the production/consumption cycles, and the moment the consumer decides to trade their money for goods or services is the most critical point,...

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So do Latinas and Asians. Pacific Islanders and Native Americans might not have a long history of knitting, but they’re definitely long-time weavers. Based on some of the complaints around the pink hat aspect of last weekend’s Women’s March on Washington 2017, it might seem that knitting, weaving, and...

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Originally presented to the Built Environment Emerging Professionals (BEEP) annual Lightening Talks event held in Portland, OR on May 19, 2016. This year’s theme was ‘How do you build diversity?’

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It’s about your hair. Or lack thereof. More specifically, it’s about your accessories, of which, your hair might be most important. Whatever your gender. If your hair, shoes, jewelry, and makeup (if you wear it) are right for you and the occasion, you could be wearing a potato sack...

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We consume our clothes: how clothes are like food from Shahira Kamal   Just as we eat food everyday, we get dressed every day. Unless you’re a nudist, in which case, more power to you. Our daily consumption choices about the clothes we wear are just as significant as the choices we...

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It may seem otherwise, but clothes are not cheap, easy to make, or disposable. Clothing design and construction is an extraordinary interdisciplinary display of art combined with the natural and social sciences. The processes require high levels of artistic and technical expertise, and intense consumption of a multitude of...

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